Sauter – How it all started –Family Business Owned by Six Generations

Sauter was founded in 1819, and having played one of its first pianos, Beethoven gave a high compliment, “your piano is too good for me.”

Johann Grimm, The First Generation

Upon completing his six-year training, Grimm returned from the musical and instrument-building capital of the time, full of enthusiasm and ideas. In 1819 he began building virginals in Spaichingen. Then he met Johann Nepomuk Sauter’s daughter Maria Monica, who had one child before meeting Johann Grimm. Later Johann Grimm died and passed on the workshop to Maria Monica’s son, (Carl Sauter).


Carl Sauter – The Second Generation — Grimm’s Successor and Heir

Carl Sauter built the workshop into a true factory employing a dozen apprentices in 1846, and soon it was numbered among the leading piano manufacturers in Swabia.

Johann Sauter – The Third Generation – A Young Mind

After Carl’s early death, Johann Sauter, who was only 17 at the time, took over the operation together with his mother. Johann traveled extensively, including to America, bringing back great motivation and innovations to the business. Broad-mindedness, a pioneering spirit and a passion for perfection have characterized SAUTER from the start. He was also the one who saw the changeover of production from square pianos to the larger pianoforte.

Carl Sauter II – The Fourth Generation

At the beginning of the 20th century, most piano manufacturers ran into economic difficulties. However, Carl Sauter II took over the company in 1909, being the force behind the factory expansion and increased production by streamlining and modernizing its assembly process. Sauter was famous throughout Germany due to its excellent quality and improved model, becoming the benchmark for European Piano Craftmanship

Hans Sauter – The Fifth Generation – Bring Sauter to the World

Hans Sauter, Carl Sauter’s son, who took over company operations in 1948, applied new scientific discoveries, new technology and new materials to contemporary piano manufacturing. Soon the exquisite sound and design of SAUTER pianos were being exported throughout the world.

Ulrich Sauter – The Sixth Generation – The New Heights

So many things happened after 1982: The development of the double repetition mechanism, giving the upright piano a particularly sensitive touch and a response as quick as a grand piano.

Along with the new concert grand 275 being chosen by many noteworthy artists all across the world. Sauter has also added a designer line “Sauter – designed by Peter Maly”, who is an internationally acclaimed interior designer, and proceeded to make pianos especially aligned with today’s living environments.

Sauter Upright Piano Today

Sauter pianos are especially known for their lush, full, singing tone, and for the variety of finishes and styles in which they are available, many with intricate detail and inlay work. It is common to find rare wood such as yew, burl walnut, pyramid mahogany, and genuine ebony in the cabinets of Sauter pianos, as well as special engravings, which can be customized to any customer’s desires. Sauter’s M Line of vertical pianos features exclusive cabinet detailing and built-in features such as a hygrometer to measure relative humidity.


The full-size concert grand: A new dimension of sound.  This full-size concert grand has been developed specifically for professional pianists and concert halls. It stands above other instruments in its power, ability to carry the stage and rich sonority. Its sweepingly fiery bass and sparkling treble inspire with their transparency and freshness, without becoming cold or lost in the crowd.

Its refined touch allows for the finest of nuances from pianissimo to fortissimo and offers a broad spectrum of tonal colors found only in the most exquisite of instruments. The Concert 275 is built with carefully selected materials and is crafted by expert hands. Its lasting value makes the concert grand an instrument to be passed down for generations. The sound board is made of the finest mountain spruce.

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