SAUTER Competence 130 Upright Piano (Black Polished)


SAUTER-pianos of this product range are equipped with a sound board, which is up to 25{545301138b3523b939bf73f61976f440276e85f6dca285d4631cc8230d5c9a21} bigger in size in comparison to the basic models. This works in favour of the sound, due to the “SAUTER Spherical Concavity®” of the sound board. Tones are consequently amplified paired with a sparkling liveliness in quality.

Pianos of this series are equipped with another extra: the double repetition action of grand pianos developed by SAUTER. Solved by something as simple gravity, grand pianos overcome what is a real problem for vertical pianos: the damper lever, which transfers the action from key to hammer, responds far too slowly when being struck repeatedly or in quick succession, leaving the succeeding strike soundless.

The SAUTER double-repetition action of grand pianos, a solid and non-wearing construction, permits the responsiveness of grand pianos – without compromise. Only pianos by SAUTER have this unique action. Furthermore, pianos of the 122 / 130-series possess a finer mensure leading to a more balanced distribution of tone from Treble to Bass.

The Competence 130 has an even bigger sound board, posing an even bigger challenge to the action in order to hear and experience the big and wide sonority. That is why this piano by SAUTER has an even further developed action with an optimised lever rapport. It is easier and more controllable to add touches to the style of playing. SAUTER-pianos of this product range are for passionate pianists already ‘au fait’ with the art of playing piano.

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