Titan Duplex*

The sound innovation for absolute, tonal purity. For the first time, fine adjustments to the strings on a grand piano (above – SAUTER omega plus model)can now be carried out at the upper duplex bridge using individually operable sliding titanium supporting bridges which are polished by diamond. It allows each string to be precisely tuned, ensuring the absolute purity of each note. Titanium, with its outstanding sound-transmission properties, is used at other important locations where vibrational energy is transmitted, which also allows the sound potential of the SAUTER grand piano to develop in unique ways.

• Titan Duplex, patent no. 102005002019

The double repetition action of grand piano

The double repetition action for upright piano developed by SAUTER. Solved by something as simple gravity, grand pianos overcome what is a real problem for vertical pianos: the damper lever, which transfers the action from key to hammer, responds far too slowly when being struck repeatedly or in quick succession, leaving the succeeding strike soundless. The SAUTER double-repetition action for upright piano, a solid and non-wearing construction, permits the responsiveness of a grand piano — without compromise. Only pianos by SAUTER have this unique action. Furthermore, pianos of the 122/130 – series possess a finer measure, leading to a more balanced distribution of tone from Treble to Bass.

The full-size concert grand: A new dimension of sound.  This full-size concert grand has been developed specifically for professional pianists and concert halls. It stands above other instruments in its power, ability to carry the stage and rich sonority. Its sweepingly fiery bass and sparkling treble inspire with their transparency and freshness, without becoming cold or lost in the crowd.

Its refined touch allows for the finest of nuances from pianissimo to fortissimo and offers a broad spectrum of tonal colors found only in the most exquisite of instruments. The Concert 275 is built with carefully selected materials and is crafted by expert hands. Its lasting value makes the concert grand an instrument to be passed down for generations. The sound board is made of the finest mountain spruce.

SAUTER Grand Delta 185

This grand piano’s range of tones has set new standards, continuously bewitching the listener with new sounds. The perfect instrument for chamber music recitals and to refine anyone’s lifestyle.

Sauter Master Class 122 Upright Piano Black Polished

An instrument of harmonious elegance and exceptional inner qualities: soundboard made of the finest Fiemme spruce from which the famous Stradivarius violins were made. With its balanced sparkling sound from the bass to the treble, the piano is a pure pleasure to listen to. Sharps of fine wood. Hand-ground cast plate. Hammerheads with walnut heartwood and choice high-quality felts for almost unlimited expressiveness. R2 grand piano technology. Sostenuto pedal (loud pedal) as on a grand. Lock, hygrometer, brass castors. Sturdy back. Inside of casing and hammer strip faced with real bird’s-eye maple.

Sauter Master Class 130 Upright Piano BLACK POLISHED

Sound board made of finest Val di Fiemme tonewood. Sharp tones made of ebony, hand-grounded cast plate, hammerheads with walnut core and choice high-quality felts, double repetition action, sostenuto pedal* (sustaining pedal) as on grand pianos.
Lock, hygrometer, and brass castors. Solid string back. Inside of casing and hammer shaft covered with maple heartwood, hydraulic soft fallboard**.

Sauter Vista 122 Upright Piano Black Polished

The classical front is only broken up by one central joint. Console and keyboard are separated from each other, the units clearly contrasting each other by shadow joints.
High-class details: fittings, pedals and double castors match the body finish with a choice of either high-polish chrome-plated or in nickel velour. The precious grip makes it
easy to open the instrument. Lock, grand lid, practice pedal, and double repetition action of grand pianos.


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