SAUTER GRAND Concert 275 – The large concert grand piano

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This full size concert grand has been specifically developed with the most accomplished pianists and the vast accustics of concert halls in mind. It boasts excellent power, buoyancy and rich tonal structure. Its fiery bass and effervescent treble are wonderfully transparent and fresh, without any anonymous, cool effect. The differentiated touch allows the pianist to display the finest nuances, from pianissimo though to forte and offers a wide range of extra class tones. The Concert is made from selected materials by master craftsmen. It will retain its value for many, many years, making the Concert an instrument that will last for generations.
The soundboard is made from the finest spruce. The hammers are specially selected and manufactured. Ebony sharps. Large locking brass casters with a plastic coating. Back made with braces featuring multi-layer-gluing and inlaid beech bars. Maple bridges with a solid ebony cap in the treble section. Duplex scale. Hydraulic damping* of the piano fall board. Music desk** with convenient one-handed controls for increased reliability and ease-of-use. Sostenuto pedal.

275 Concert – the large concert grand piano


Backs with multi-layered braces with inlaid beech bars maple bridges, duplex scale, damper for the fall board, music desk
with convenient one-handed controls, Sostenuto pedal





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