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陈氏钢琴行成立30余年已发展为澳洲最大钢琴自营连锁店,店面遍布悉尼墨尔本黄金海岸,盛誉千家万户!聚集世界顶级品牌意大利名琴Fazioli,德国六代家族传承Sauter,日本顶尖全系Kawai。Kawai Roland 数码钢琴,各品牌二手钢琴等。以及举办各种形式音乐会及演奏会致力于推广普及音乐教育,音乐之旅-从陈氏钢琴开始🌈


✅ Best Price Guarantee

✅ Premium Services

✅ 30 Years Experience

✅ Piano Lover Support Platform

  • We buy direct so you can save
    Our brand new pianos are direct from their manufactures –so you are able to save, enjoying the best price on the market!

  • Price Match
    we will make sure we offer you the best price. You can also take a quote and have us price match it.

  • 30 Years history, Best Reputation, 5 Stores Across Australia
    Australia Piano World has over 30 years of experience, which means its history is one of the longest out of any piano company in Australia. Over these years we accumulated a renowned reputation in the industry, and with 5 stores across Australia, we are able to provide the best service to you no matter where you are.

  • Leading Piano Loving Community with Regular Events
    Australia Piano World established a leading piano loving community in Australia – we organise music events, festivals, master classes, competitions, performances, and more, regularly.

  • Stage for you, Music Engagement Platform for Children

    We often host the music engagement platform for children Stage for You, which provides the perfect platform for your kids to gain confidence in the music world, and encourage your children to love music, enjoy music, and enjoy life!