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    • Participant must abide by the rules and regulation of competition, as well as any arrangement made by the organiser. Participant will be disqualified if failing to abide by the rules and arrangement. The organiser reserves the rights to keep all the recordings from the competition.
    • Australia Piano World customers have the priority for participation.
    • All winners must attend the prize giving ceremony and accept the prize in person. Prizes will not be given to winner who is absent from the ceremony.
    • The organiser shall not be liable for any injury sustained by the participant during the competition.
    • The organiser reserved the rights to use the images and recordings for the purpose of advertising and promotion of the competition. No fees will be paid to participant for the use of such image and recording.
    • The explanation given by Australia Piano World with regards to results, rules and regulation of the competition is deemed final and cannot be disputed. Australia Piano World reserves the rights to amend the rules and regulations.

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